Nordic Conference on Religious Education (NCRE) 2013 June 10-13, Reykjavik, Iceland


Important dates

Registration desk is open from 13.00 on June 10th

The conference dates are June 10-13 2013

Deadline for full papers is April 30 2013.

Deadline for registration and payment of registration fee is April 30 2013. 

Deadline for paper abstracts is December 15 2012

Deadline for proposing symposia is December 15 2012

Practical information

Arriving in Iceland:

You will all arrive at the Keflavík international airport which is situated 45 minutes away from Reykjavík. There are regular Fly buses in connection with every flight, between Keflavik International Airport and the Central Bus Station (BSÍ) in Reykjavik. Often the bus service can bring you to your hotel, but be sure to buy a ticket all the way to the hotel. More information here.

Tickets can be bought on the internet or at the arrival inside the terminal building at the Reykjavik Excursions booth or in the ticket machine located by the exit door of the terminal building. Tickets are not sold on board the bus. If you need a taxi from the Central Bus Station to your hotel you will see taxis lined up outside the building when you exit the Central Bus Station in Reykjavík. 

Money can be exchanged at the local bank at Keflavik airport, and ATM machines are located widely around town, close to the hotels and credit cards are accepted (almost) everywhere in Iceland.

University of Iceland – School of Education

The School of Education is not on the main campus of the University of Iceland in Reykjavik West. It is located at Stakkahlíð, 105 Reykjavik (the former campus of Iceland University of Education).


Presentations in paper sessions and symposiums:

All the rooms used in parallel paper and symposium sessions will be equipped with a computer and a screen projector.  You should bring your PowerPoint presentation and other relevant materials used during your presentation on a memory stick so you can copy it to the computer at the venue.  You are responsible for copying the material to the computer at the venue. Please go to the presentation room 10 minutes before your presentation to make all the practical arrangements and to ensure that everything works as it supposed to. Remember that the paper sessions last for 60 or 90 minutes with two or three 15 minutes presentations as well as two or three 5 minutes responses and 15-20 minutes discussion by the audience. Please keep in mind the time limit of 15 minutes for your presentation. On the final detailed conference program you can see where and when you will be presenting, responding or chairing a session.


The excursion to Reykjanes and the Blue Lagoon:

The excursion is on Wednesday June 12th and we depart from the conference venue at 13:30. We will visit The Reykjanes Peninsula with bubbling hot springs, dramatic lava fields, migratory birding cliffs, lonesome lighthouse, and a small wooden church, typical of rural Iceland, built right on the coast. We will among other things take a walk to the top of a small crater and finally end the day at The Blue Lagoon, one of the most visited attractions in Iceland, were we can relax in the hot water.

For the excursion please bring with you good clothes and shoes for outdoor walking and your swimsuits for the Blue Lagoon. Towels will be on the place.  And remember weather in Iceland is for ever changing so be prepared for all kinds of weather.


Departing Iceland

If you have a  Flybus+ (return) ticket  a pick up from hotels are included. Contact the lobby of your hotel to request the pick up. Note, pick up must be requested the night before departure.