Nordic Conference on Religious Education (NCRE) 2013 June 10-13, Reykjavik, Iceland


Important dates

Registration desk is open from 13.00 on June 10th

The conference dates are June 10-13 2013

Deadline for full papers is April 30 2013.

Deadline for registration and payment of registration fee is April 30 2013. 

Deadline for paper abstracts is December 15 2012

Deadline for proposing symposia is December 15 2012

Invitation to present papers and to propose symposium

Invitation to present papers

We invite all participants to present research papers. Paper sessions are oral
presentations of 2-3 papers, followed by a response of a discussant and a
discussion. The papers may address aspects of the conference theme or other
topics. Paper sessions will be arranged as parallel options and they will be
grouped according to theme. Presentations in Nordic languages will be grouped
together. Each paper presentation will last for about 15 minutes, then the
discussant will have five minutes and finally there will be room for 5-10
minutes of discussion. All paper presenters will be asked to be a discussant on
one paper. Deadline for paper abstracts (250 words) is December 15 2012.

Full papers of 2000 words are to be sent in no later than April 30 2013. The limit of 2000 words is a recommendationin light of the time that will be given for
presentations. The length of a paper may exceed this; however more time will not be given for its presentation.


Invitation to arrange symposium

We invite groups of researchers to present a theme for debate or a collection of small papers in order to shed light on a particular question. Symposia provide an
excellent opportunity to examine one topic more deeply and from different perspectives. The session should be directed by one chairperson, with four to five presenters, and one or two discussants. A symposium has one and a half hour at its disposal. Deadline for proposing symposia (350 words) is December 15 2012.