After the gold rush



Deadline for submission of abstracts was February 25th 2010

Keynote speakers

Fantu Cheru is a Professor Emeritus at The Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala, Sweden.
Karen Ho is an Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Minnesota.
Stefán Ólafsson is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Iceland
Kathryn Louise Norsworthy is a Professor in Counseling at Rollins College, Florida.




HI_logoFaculty of Social and Human Sciences, University of Iceland, Reykjavík will host a conference on the current financial crisis May 27th-28th, 2010.
The conference will emphasize both global and local aspects of the current financial crisis, as well as their intersection. Furthermore, we will be asking how the current crisis compares historically with other such events, and how different crises connect to each other.


Keynote speakers:

  • Fantu Cheru, Professor Emeritus and Research Director, the Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala, Sweden.
  • Karin Ho, Associate Professor of Anthropology, The University of Minnesota, US
  • Stefán Ólafsson, Professor of Sociology, University of Iceland.
  • Kathryn L. Norsworthy, Professor of Counseling Psychology, Rollins College in Florida, US

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